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Catering Service Invoice Template

Download the catering service invoice template to create a payable receivable by a party who has received the service of food being professionally made on someone else’s or a company’s behalf. The form should be filled in with Adobe PDF, Excel, or Word (.doc) and sent to the customer by email, their mailing address, or through a fax (typical for businesses).

Make a Free Invoice Now

How to Make in Adobe PDF and Word (.doc)

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Step 2 – In the upper-left portion of the document, enter the catering company’s details such as their business name, address, State, city, and zip code followed by their telephone number.

Step 3 – Enter the details of the event including: Invoice Number (#), telephone number (of the event), number (#) of guests, individual in charge of the order, department, date and time of event, name of function, delivery date and time, delivery location (including room number), description of the food requested, and the inter-office mailing address.

Step 4 – Calculate the service charges including food, beverages, and any miscellaneous items. Add to the labor (if any) and get the grand total. This amount should be used as the total receivable from the receiving party.

How to Make in Excel

Step 1 – Download in Excel Format (.xls).

Step 2 – Starting from the top down, enter (left-side) the catering service’s logo followed by their company name and any slogan they may have.

Step 3 – On the upper-right hand portion you may enter the Date of the invoice, its number, and the customer’s id (if any).

Step 4 – The details of the customer may be typed by their name, company name, street address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number.

Step 5 – The details of the job may be input by the salesperson’s name, job, payment type, and its due date.

Step 6 – The calculation of the catering job may be completed by entering the quantity, description, unit price, and the line total. On the bottom of the page, the subtotal may be calculated along with any taxes, and a total receivable may be formulated.

At this time the invoice may be sent to the customer.