Make a Free Invoice Now

Simple Basic Invoice Template

Download the simple basic invoice template to request payment for a variety of services and goods. Use it for services such as consulting or manual labor, or use it to as a bill for parts. Accurately completed invoices let each party know exactly what goods and services were exchanged and the costs for each type of good or service. These basic invoices are easy to fill out and help you keep more complete financial records.

Make a Free Invoice Now

How to Make in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Step 2 – Begin the invoice by entering your company or personal name, followed by its address, phone and fax numbers, and email.

Step 3 – Then enter the billing and mailing addresses, and the invoice date, number, reference numbers, and any applicable terms, such as the payment method.

Step 4 – Table – Here, enter each type of task or good on a separate row. Describe it with enough detail so the client will understand what was performed. Then include the quantity and unit price of each, and calculate the total for each row.

Step 5 – Add the amount column and any taxes or shipping costs to reach the grand total. Finally, include any instructions and where to make checks payable to at the bottom.

How to Make in Microsoft Excel

Step 1 – Download in Microsoft Excel (.xls).

Step 2 – At the top, enter your company’s name followed by its contact information. Then write the invoice number and date to the right. Include the billing address below.

Step 3 – Table – Here, enter a description for each task that will be billed separately, or one description if the work can be described in just one row. Write the amount due for each row to the right, and if needed, include the rate and quantity in the description column to show how you arrived at the amount.

Step 4 – Add up the amount column to reach the total, and include contact information at the bottom if needed.